Rune Study : Thurisaz

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Thurisaz : Thorn; Giant

Thurisaz represents the giant, the thorn. A deep wounding or seemingly impossible challenge. It brings to mind a thicket that tears at our skin, and makes it almost impossible to move. A giant in our path, blocking the way forward. The energy of Thurisaz is powerful and dynamic, and can signify a need to center oneself in consciousness. This rune is about ordering chaotic forces, and honing one’s own force of thought.

In the context of the inner journey, Thurisaz is the point where, after the refining of Uruz we are beset by more challenges. We must now remove all distractions from our minds and focus on what we want to create. forward motion depends on our determination and drive that we gained by endurance (as taught by Uruz). With this tenacity and determination, we learn to focus, bringing together opposing forces. The stave itself lends to the idea that 2 opposites come together and create a dynamic force, powerful, focused and unstoppable. We become the Thurs. we move forward through the challenges and brambles that tangle our feet. We overcome with focus, with clear decisive action.

Thurisaz is a joining of opposing forces, coming together and removing all obstacles. Thurisaz destroys all illusion, and cuts a swath through lies, and half-truth. Wielding the thorn can be thrilling, but must be undertaken with awareness and care. For just as it can demolish damaging or harmful things in our path, it can just as easily turn and wound us. Using Thurisaz for internal work, or to help focus and accomplish a goal, can be beneficial if undertaken with awareness and care.

The Giants or Thurses (specifically the frost-thurses) were often in conflict with the Aesir in Norse Mythos. This can be looked at as a metaphor. We, the aethlings (from ON athal-ing; athal meaning nature and -ing meaning “ones” or a possible reference to Ing/Freyr)  are likened to the Aesir in this metaphor, and the Thurses can represent any challenge or conflict with another individual or within ourselves. If we are not aware of how we are behaving or using our energies, we can affect those around us without our knowledge. This can create conflict, and we are the unwitting source of said conflict. Thurisaz can help us to step into awareness of our energy and our actions, and how they impact us as individuals, as well as how those actions affect others around us.

I find this rune still challenging me at times, and this article seems disjointed to me. We are all still learning and growing, so it is exciting to me to be sharing these rune studies, as it helps me learn just as much as those reading it. Many Blessings, friends!

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