Herbal Medicine Chest : Herbs in your backyard!


***I have sent emails asking permission to post this here, and have not heard back as of yet. I am not intending to step on anyone’s toes, or claim this work as my own. I simply desire to share the work of an herbalist and plant-ally whom I admire greatly and have a deep personal respect for. If I am contacted and asked to take this down, I will. Please note that NONE of the following words are my own, and I do not take any credit for them. The following article was written by Susun Weed. Thank you. ***

“Don’t kill, spray, tear up, or destroy the weeds in your garden, yard, and fence rows. Many of them are actually highly-regarded, widely-used, and extremely-valuable medicinal herbs! What could be easier than growing an herb garden with no effort? Of course, you’ll have to harvest your weeds, but you would do that anyhow: it’s called weeding.

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Rune Study : Jera

Jera : Year

“The wheel turns
As the sod crunches
Frozen beneath the cart.

The wheel turns
As the snow melts
And the plow bites
Into the earth’s darkness.

The wheel turns
As the rains come
And light green dusts
The breast of the field.

The wheel turns
And the golden stalks wave
In warm, lush winds
Under a brilliant sky.

The wheel turns
As the scythe whooshes
Through the golden stalks
At the time of harvest.

The wheel turns
And time repays you
For the patience you’ve shown
About the seeds you sowed.”
-Modern Rune Poem by E. Vongvisith

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