Rune Study : Eihwaz

Eihwaz : Yew, Yggdrasil

Eihwaz represents the axis of the physical and spiritual worlds. It is associated with the yew tree, as the yew has long been viewed as a sacred tree, connected to the physical and spiritual realms. Trees in general, with their roots in the earth, and branches reaching into the sky (towards the spiritual realms) are a symbol of this connection of worlds.

The Yew tree is associated with life and death. As an evergreen, it is life in the midst of death, and embodies the duality of the universe, and the bringing together of binary opposites. The yew is a poisonous tree, and was a favourite wood for bow-making among ancient Celtic tribes-people.

Eihwaz is the rune of inner power. Allowing us to journey inward, we can use it’s energy to connect to ant of the nine worlds, and so this rune is integral to seidhr-work. Seidhr is the shamanistic practice of journeying outside of ones body, traveling throughout the nine worlds to gather information and seek answers. The rune Eihwaz allows us to connect to Yggdrasil, and journey within.

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Introduction to the Runes

As I was writing this introduction, the first few sentences proved to be the most challenging to face.  How can I begin telling people about these wondrous things called runes?  Firstly, I suppose, I should explain the meaning of the word “rune”. 

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