Rune Study : Nauthiz

Nauthiz : Necessity, Need-fire, “Not-this”

NEED! We all find ourselves in a position of need at some point in our journey. We may be struggling to make ends meet financially. We might need to get out of a bad or unhealthy relationship. We may initiate an intense change in circumstance, by our own choices, and feel the need to let go of something, or be wanting for something. This is Nauthiz.

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Rune Study : Hagalaz

Hagalaz : Hail

Hagall er kaldakornok krapadrífa
ok snáka sótt.
grando hildingr.

Hail, cold grain
and shower of sleet
and sickness of serpents.

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Rune Study : Wunjo

Wunjo : Joy, Harmony

We now arrive at the end of the first aett, a grouping of eight runes. There are 3 aetts in the Elder Futhark. This first aett embodies very physical aspects of life. Finances (Fehu), physical creative force and endurance (Uruz), directed force and overcoming challenges (Thurisaz), divine inspiration and manifestation through speech (Ansuz), Journeying and transformation (Raidho), Creativity and the seeker (Kenaz), balance, exchange and gifts (Gebo), and Wunjo, harmonious merging, joy and contentment.

Wunjo reminds us that abundance is to be shared, for us to experience joy and contentment. The societies we live in are based on money, and this system requires a paradigm of scarcity, fear of loss, and greed to continue to function. The paradigm of abundance is a natural paradigm. Nature is based on co-operation and abundance. The forest provides for all the plants and animals that depend on it for sustenance. There is nothing wasted, and nothing lacking. The idea of scarcity is a fictitious story forced upon us to perpetuate a system that destroys and takes without giving back.

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