Ravensdottir Runes and Remedies offers fine quality handcrafted products to renew your body, mind, and spirit, helping you on your journey of self-discovery.

We are passionately bringing the Old Ways into a new time, carrying with us the Wise Woman Tradition, and Northern Traditional Wisdom. We strive to share these understandings with any who are seeking a way of being in harmony with the natural world and the gifts provided by the earth. As we walk the path to healing and wholeness, we can discover and share abundance. So, peruse our articles and take this learning and use it well!


We offer rune sets, custom galdr wands or prayer wands to be used in ritual settings, and will do custom personal bàndrunar (bindrunes) that can be applied to a specific area of focus.

bindrune beth

Our remedies are sourced from organically grown ingredients, and/or wildcrafted responsibly. This means when foraging, seeds are spread (whenever possible), and only 10% is harvested from any given place at a time. It is also important to us to make offerings with thankfulness for the healing gifts of wild plants. We all share this lovely planet, and let’s keep it healthy and vibrant!