Rune Study : Perthro


Perthro : Mystery, Fate, Lot-cup, Womb/Vagina

Perthro embodies the mystery of all the runes. After all, the word rune just means mystery. Perthro is the unknown, the undefined, the unanswered. Perthro is the womb, from which all life springs forth. The magic, those things that are so hard to wrap our logical minds around, but our hearts feel, this is Perthro.

The people of the North gambled alot. It was a way of life. The tools for gambling were very similar to those for rune-casting. Gambling was a way for these people to test the strength of their beings, to test their willpower against fate.

To help us understand a little more about this runic concept, I must introduce you to an Old Norse word, ørlog. Ørlog is similar in meaning to the Sanskrit word karma. It means, roughly translated, “Primal layers or laws”. Unlike the Judeo-Christian concept of pre-destination, ørlog pertains to one’s own past actions in this life, as well as past lives. These actions and reactions shape a framework from which we act…It is our fate of our own weaving. This concept is the basis for the Old Norse term wyrd and Old English word weird, meaning “that which is coming to pass”. This implies that our ørlog impacts the things that unfold in our life; how our thread is woven into the Great Web or Tapestry.

Perthro is the nothingness that holds all the things. It is the web of possibility, a glance into the vast expanse of potential of the universe itself.

I am Perthro. I am the Mystery you seek to understand. I am the Womb of all Things. I am the darkness that holds the light. What is it you want to know? Ask me, and I may show you the Web of Fate. I am Perthro.

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