Rune Study : Nauthiz


Nauthiz : Necessity, Need-fire, “Not-this”

NEED! We all find ourselves in a position of need at some point in our journey. We may be struggling to make ends meet financially. We might need to get out of a bad or unhealthy relationship. We may initiate an intense change in circumstance, by our own choices, and feel the need to let go of something, or be wanting for something. This is Nauthiz.

Nauthiz represents our deepest needs. It is important to distinguish that Nauthiz is about “need” not just “want” or “desire” but an actual, tangible “need” for something. The image that comes to mind for me, is after Hagalaz, (a chaotic hailstorm) one is alone, and looks within. We carry the need-fire within our core; the spark of divine inspiration and drive to live. This need-fire is what pushes us to take up sticks, and rub them together over and over again, to make a fire and keep warm in the storm.

This need for survival pushes us through the challenges we face, particularly those created by our own (or others’) misdeeds or mistakes. Learning from our own mistakes is one of the most important and trans-formative things we can do for ourselves. Rather than beating ourselves up over a perceived failure, or berating ourselves for not meeting our own expectations, we can objectively reflect on what we can learn from a situation that didn’t pan out quite as we had hoped. Examining the outcome of specific actions, and adjusting our future actions, helps us to grow, and learn.

Nauthiz is also about resistance. I often-times find myself resisting change. Wether that is self-initiated change, or change that is driven by forces outside of me, I don’t enjoy it. Even knowing that I will feel better after the dust settles, after I have adjusted to the new situation, I resist. I get in my own way. I make mistakes. I hurt myself. I hurt others. This is Nauthiz. Nauthiz is not a comfortable boon of a fire in the cold, swirling darkness of the blizzard. Sometimes, it takes what feels like ages, for me to sort through my desires, what I think I need, to the root of what I really need.

Nauthiz carries the weight of our past actions forward. To make fire, we must create it. This means, we must take the appropriate actions to manifest that fire. We cannot make it appear out of this air. (Unless you’re some kind of skilled master….go you!)  We need tinder, something to create friction, a spark, gentle breaths, and patience.  These are the lessons, the mysteries of Nauthiz, of need. Understanding what is a need versus what is a desire. reflecting on what actions are required to fulfill that need, after it has been established. Assembling the tools required, and leaping into said actions, trusting in oneself, and the spark of divine inspiration within. We can only continue along our chosen path. To turn back now, after coming so far, would be foolish….We need to press on.

We can use the runic energies of Nauthiz to bring to us what we need. However, we must be sure in our knowing of need and desire. For if we are unsure, Nauthiz will be happy to show us the difference, and this may not be a gentle or comfortable lesson to learn. Manipulating the Web of Wyrd takes skill, practice, and wisdom. Remember that lesson from Ansuz, be careful what you say/wish for?

I am Nauthiz. I am the need-fire. I am resistance, I am challenge. What is need? Not-this. I am Nauthiz. I show you the difference between want and need. I am Nauthiz. What do you need?

Runelore, Runes