Introduction to Bindrunes (Bandrùnar)

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When working with runes, harnessing the energies of more than one rune to apply them to a specific task, is sometimes very desirable. We can accomplish this by making what is called a bindrune. In Old Norse, this is called a bandrùn.

One can use any combination of different runestaves and bind them together into a single symbol. When doing this, it is important to be in your vé, a sacred space for magic work. This can be any sacred space to you, and can be indoor or outdoor. It is really up to you. When you have decided what rune energies you want to accomplish your goal, sit down with a pencil and paper and draw out the runes. Then, put them together in a way that looks good to you. They do not need to be put together in any specific way, as long as they are connected, they will become a bindrune, after they are consecrated.

When you are pleased with how your bindrune looks, it is time to consecrate the bindrune, to draw in the energies of the runes you have selected. Galdrar, the invocation of runic energies by chanting or singing, is needful at this point. To galdr a rune, intone the name of the rune, in long, drawn out syllables, at whatever frequency is comfortable for you. The verb galdrar comes from the root ‘to crow’, so this does not need to sound pretty, or musical, necessarily. When you have done the galdr, vocalize out loud what purpose you have called these energies for. For example, if you are making a bindrune for protection, state who you want the runes to protect, and how you want them protected. There are many runes that could be and have been combined for this purpose. To protect children, one could use Berkana, to invoke protective, mother-bear kind of energy. There are many other examples that I won’t go into at this time.) Once you have invoked the runes and set their purpose, draw (and/or carve) out your bindrune on the surface of your talisman. The talisman can be made from any material of your choosing; a simple piece of paper, a carved piece of wood, metal, stone or bone…it’s up to you, and your preference.

It is extremely important that as you draw or carve the final draft, as it were, of your bindrune, that you trace over the lines of each individual rune you have selected. Even if in your design, some runes share the same lines, you must draw the shape of each individual rune in the bindrune. This is important because as you are binding the runes into the bindrune, the whole symbol of each rune must be represented for those energies to be imbued into the talisman. As you do your final drawing/carving, galdr the runes again each time you carve them. (ex: if you are carving berkana, as you draw out The lines, chant “Berkana” as you carve.)

Once your carving or drawing is complete, draw out the shape of your bindrune with red paint, blood, or any other bodily fluid, to “seal” it with your personal willpower and intent.

I found this video to be very helpful, made by a friend of mine, in describing further the methods of making a bindrune.

Many Blessings, and enjoy making your own bindrunes, my friends!

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