Hammer Rite : Hammarsetning



This example is written in a northward orientation, and appropriate changes of course should be made in the order of galdrar in rites of an eastward orientation.

a) With the rune wand in the right hand, face the North.

b) Beginning with Fehu in the north, trace and send the runes of the futhark in a ring around you at the level of the solar plexus as far out as the circle on the ground or floor, always “with the sun” in a clockwise direction. The ring of runes should form a complete band ending with Othala next to Fehu in the north after the circle has been gone completely around. The runes should be visualized as glowing, red characters floating about three or four feet in the air.

c) Stand in the cross stadha (standing tall with your arms straight out from your body) and visualize an equilateral cross lying horizontally in the plane of the rune ring and your solar plexus, with that point as the center of the cross. The arms of this cross should end at the points where they intersect the rune band at each of the cardinal points. Imagine a surrounding sphere of shimmering blue light with the red rune band as its equator. Then visualize a vertical axis coming down through your head into your body from the infinite space above and up from the infinite space below through your feet.

d) Feel and see the force flowing into your centre from all six directions (north, east, south, west, up, and down) as it builds a sphere of glowing red might. The colour may be altered depending on the ritual intention. When this is complete you can say some words to send any unwanted energy or spirits on their way.

e) Now perform the rest of the hammer rite.

f) Facing north, the vitki should touch the lower part of the wand to the breast at the solar plexus, the center of power, and thrust it forward, projecting the force from that center to a point on the inside face of the outer sphere. Trace the Hammer of Thor with your dominant hand using the wand and draw from the might that has been accumulated in the sphere around you as follows


During this process intone: Hammer in the North hallow and hold this holy-stead!

Then, turning 90 degrees to the right, send and sign another hammer sign in the same manner vibrating: Hammer in the East hallow and hold this holy-stead!

In the South: Hammer in the South hallow and hold this holy-stead!

And in the West: Hammer in the West hallow and hold this holy-stead!

Returning to the north, direct your attention overhead, there send and sign the hammer on the “ceiling” of the sphere directly above you, saying: Hammer over me hallow and hold this holy-stead!

And then project the hammer sign below the “floor” of the sphere (not the ground or room floor) directly beneat you and intone: Hammer under me hallow and hold this holy-stead!

g) Now, strike the cross stadha again and vibrate: Hammer hallow and hold this holy-stead! Turning in the center of the  , repeat this once for each of the other four directions and once for the vertical axis. The visual effect should be one of axes connecting all six shinning red hammers to your personal center, all engulfed by a field of sparkling deep blue light and surrounded by a band of bright red runes.


h) Finally, center all the forces of the  by folding your arms from the cross stadha in toward your center, with your fingertips touching at the solar plexus, and saying: Around me and in me Asgardhr and Midhgardhr!

i) If the energy built up by the entire operation is to be internalized, then draw the collected energies into your personal center by standing in the cross position, and while deeply inhaling, draw your arms in so that your fingertips touch your solar plexus. Turn in all four directions and repeat this action, each time visualizing the sphere being drawn into your center. If the energy of the rite has been sent abroad, then you may simply split the sphere with your hand or knife and step out of the circle. More complex rituals can be worked into this more simple pattern. This is mainly a ritual for centering and banishing.

 Here are some notes on when and why the hammer rite is used.

When I use the Hammarsettning, I am sending forth the image of a hammer made of my will. It is my belief that one must work with energy from one’s own core. If bringing in or using energy from outside of oneself (like calling on a deity for aid), the result cannot be predictable, and could possibly bring harmful or unknown energy within. So, a symbol like the hammer, to me, represents the force of my will to create a sacred space, cleared of all else, that would hinder or intrude on my runework. The runes, to me, are tools of shaping and learning about the diverse energies we all carry within us as sentient (human) beings. Ultimately, there is a sacred space around us at all times, and there is  no real need to use complex rituals or ceremonies, but the tradition and habit of them can bring some comfort and peace of mind. The action of using a ceremony that has been used with sucess by others is yet another tool we can use to strengthen and understand ourselves.


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