Rune Study : Wunjo


Wunjo : Joy, Harmony

We now arrive at the end of the first aett, a grouping of eight runes. There are 3 aetts in the Elder Futhark. This first aett embodies very physical aspects of life. Finances (Fehu), physical creative force and endurance (Uruz), directed force and overcoming challenges (Thurisaz), divine inspiration and manifestation through speech (Ansuz), Journeying and transformation (Raidho), Creativity and the seeker (Kenaz), balance, exchange and gifts (Gebo), and Wunjo, harmonious merging, joy and contentment.

Wunjo reminds us that abundance is to be shared, for us to experience joy and contentment. The societies we live in are based on money, and this system requires a paradigm of scarcity, fear of loss, and greed to continue to function. The paradigm of abundance is a natural paradigm. Nature is based on co-operation and abundance. The forest provides for all the plants and animals that depend on it for sustenance. There is nothing wasted, and nothing lacking. The idea of scarcity is a fictitious story forced upon us to perpetuate a system that destroys and takes without giving back.

Wunjo is the joy we experience when we share freely. Wunjo is the dance of co-operation. When we connect with those around us, and support one another from a place of love in our hearts, we all do well. We all benefit. Joy and contentment abound.

The abundance of the earth is meant to be shared. Feasts and gathering of loved ones demonstrate this. The peoples of the North had many feasts throughout the year. Generously sharing their abundance, their best with their guests, brought smiles to everyone’s faces. One knew that if they treated their guests well, when they had a turn to be guests, they would be on the receiving end of this treatment. When we open out hearts to one another, and act with abundance in mind, there is no need for greed. Peace is achieved from this paradigm.

The cornucopia overflows. There is food and drink for all. Laughter is shared. We inspire one another to act in kindness, and share our hearts’ desires. The mead-horn overflows, and offerings are made to spirits of the earth, asking for continued abundance and joy for kith and kin. Wunjo is the coming together of many for the benefit of all. Wunjo is the harmony that comes from co-operation and working together.

Wunjo is the wish we make for the contentment of ourselves, our families and the world as a whole. Wunjo is the wish-bringer, and we must be careful what we wish for. Wunjo’s energy can bring us what we desire, but if we do not hold the image of what we desire clearly, or are not acting from conscious awareness (Ansuz), we can get more than we thought we bargained for.

When dusk is setting, and the sun is shining from behind the clouds, light shines through, and creates beautiful rays of light, shining down upon the earth. I was told when I was young that these rays were called kerens. (Note: I was raised in an Evangelical Baptist home, and my dad knew how to read ancient Greek and some Hebrew. He was a minister.) In Hebrew, the name Keren” means ‘horn’ or ‘ray of light’ (as described above.) This reminds me of Wunjo in a very powerful way. The overflowing abundance symbolized in an overflowing horn/cornucopia, the joy of being bathed in the sun’s rays on a beautiful day.

Wunjo reminds us to look for the joy in every day, to act in harmony with the earth, and those around us, and to enjoy the abundance of experience life has to offer.

I am Wunjo. I am the joy of abundance shared. I am the harmony between all men. I am the dance of love. I am Wunjo.

Image Credit : Benjamin Gitchel aka. LebenNightmajic. Please give credit where credit is due. This gent has made some amazing illustrations.

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